Chalk Talk – Mobility Matters

So you have made it to the box. You get changed into your favorite workout shorts, a bad-ass t-shirt and some rockin’, neon purple kicks. You are going to crush it. Today is your day and you will not be denied. The warm-up is completed, now onto group mobility exercises. This should help, as your right shoulder as been feeling somewhat “tight” for a while. Alright, now time to get that push press PR.

Doesn’t happen. Not even close. What the heck!?!

Truth is, even though we make sure that you are properly warmed up through the regular warm-up rounds and specific mobility for the daily workout, ten minutes of daily mobility is often not enough to fix an underlying issue, whether it developed pre-Crossfit or after months of working out.  The above example is not made-up; it was common occurrence for me and lasted a quite long time. Anything shoulder related seemed to suffer for some reason. Nothing hurt, but I could not even match any PRs for lifts involving my shoulders (shoulder press, bench press, push jerk, etc).

At first I figured I concentrating on other things had been the issue and giving these lifts just a tad more attention would help. Then I blamed doing too much during open gym sessions followed by a regular class the same day. Then I blamed inconsistency in training days, diet and sleep.

With all the usual suspects out of the equation, I came to the realization that, indeed, it was time to grab a lacrosse ball and dig in for some PROPER mobility. (Note: tweaking diet, sleep, work load and a more consistent 3-On-1-Off schedule still helped tremendously with WODs)

By proper mobility, I don’t mean doing 3 intervals of 20 seconds on each side of the target muscles, then toss the ball away and start lifting. Instead, try 1-minute intervals, alternating sides, for at least 6-7 intervals minimum per side. Also, try to make sure your stretch or lacrosse ball exercise is putting your muscles out of your comfort zone. Mobility work isn’t meant to be easy, kinda like our workouts.

I noticed a difference after one session of nothing but mobility work. Things were getting better. My bench press was coming along again. Rope climbs didn’t feel so rough on the elbow anymore. That left leg didn’t feel so weak after heavy squat sessions. If you want to fix something, just come in for a good hour of mobility, even on your rest day. Don’t let issues linger on, and please talk to any of the coaches. We have tons of exercises for you to try to help with any muscle groups. Just remember to do your warm-up beforehand; stretching cold muscles does not work well.

Now go and get after it. – Crossfit Moncton